Whitstable portraits – photography on the beach at the East Quay and Lobster Shack

Whitstable portraits will of course involve shooting near the sea. Outside of the main high street is an area of beach next to the East Quay and a restaurant called the Lobster Shack. It’s a short walk from a row of beach huts some of which are new with the remainder full of their own character (peeling paint and weatherboarding make great backgrounds especially for teens’ or children’s portraits ).

Despite the fact that we’ve had a good run of fine weather, this was an early morning Whitstable portraits shoot (a brother and two sisters) and sometimes the sun likes to stay in bed for a while until the mist has packed up and gone home. There was also enough wind cutting across from the harbour to probably cause problems with the girls’ long hair. So, shooting in a sheltered spot meant meant using artificial lighting to gift things a lift and put the contrast back in (otherwise things could have looked a bit flat). If you’d like to get in touch about a location shoot I’d be delighted to see what we can put together! family_portraits_WhitstableKent-portrait-photographerWhitstable-portraitsCanterbury-portraitsFaversham-portraitsKent-photographersCanterbury-photographersCanterbury-photographersCanterbury-photographers