Whitstable in the snow – Kent photography out in the cold

Ok, so the novelty wore off after the first 5 days of cancelled appointments and being stuck in traffic! I did have a chance to sneak out in sub-zero temperatures with an old Canon 20D to take some shots. Without gloves, my fingers seized up and started to stick to the camera after about 15 minutes…

Photographing snow can be tricky because the camera’s inbuilt light meter is fooled by all of the white reflection and panics into thinking there’s too much light getting into the camera. So, you have to manually tell it to ignore this and let more in by using the exposure compenation function by say +1. In challenging lighting conditions (low winter sunlight) you might need to experiment and season to taste. If you would like to know more about camera courses and digital photography training do take a look at either www.timstubbings.co.uk or timstubbingsphotography.com

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