When the light isn’t right? Location portrait courses in Canterbury, Whitstable & Faversham


You’ve heard me say it before, but one of the main characteristics of professional photography is to shoot pretty much anywhere and under any conditions by controlling what you can and working with what you can’t. This is just the sort of thing I’ll be covering in the next course in Canterbury on May 27th, but here’s an example from a recent shoot.

The conditions were overcast, rain and then breaks in the clouds, changing every few minutes – you know the sort of weather I mean. The first few shots (1, 2 & 3) were taken under cover with natural light behind and warm reflected light from the hay.

Shots 4, 5, 6 & 8 are blatantly 2 x off-camera flash but still working with the idea of backlight and keylight. Incidently, always bring bin sacks to lay your kit on when shooting on farms 🙂

Shots 7 and 8 are zoomed in and more directional flash. By the time we got to the final shots the natural light was as flat as a pancake again. Shot 10 is simply using the open barn as a large softbox. Shot 11 is backlit by flash but using the overhead skylights as a detail and to give the backlight some logical context. The final shot, natural light,  has modelling to the face camera right by someone standing there and acting as a flag or gobo. Nothing more sophisticated than that!

If you’re looking at photographers that do location portraits, model portfolios or other types of photography in the Whitstable, Faverham, Canterbury, Kent or London areas, please do get in touch.