About my wedding photography – what to expect

I’m a creative wedding photographer in Kent but also covering the UK. I’m not the only wedding photographer in Kent and it’s natural that we’ll each do things a bit differently. Because of my background in photographing for publications, I tend to bring this style into part of how I capture your day. If you’ve heard the term before it’s a mixture of documentary (recording things in as natural a way as possible) mixed with some creative portraits (showing you in the best possible way whilst still staying true to how you are).

My way of shooting documentary photography is unobtrusive and not too many formal groups. The way I take creative portraits is with an eye on good lighting. The driving passion is about great, natural images.

Wedding photography is sometimes put into categories such as contemporary, traditional, reportage etc. Reportage is shorthand informal, or documentary. Zero intervention from the photographer is called wedding photojournalism. Some photographers prefer to capture the moment only (there’s nothing wrong with that) but sometimes things need some encouragement to bring them together. This is what I call ‘styled documentary’. more>

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