Say it with flowers? Say it with chocolates? Valentines and the art of seduction


Ok, so it’s almost that time of year again – Saint (St.) Valentine’s Day. Yes, you can go and get the card from Clintons or Hallmark. You could order the Thornton’s chocolates. Others will be slightly more nervous as they plan how to get their girlfriend, boyfriend or significant other to their favourite place and pop the question. Some will be wondering if the huge heart they have spent an afternoon drawing in the sand on the beach will still be there before the tide gets it. In Kent it’s mainly shingle so it’s even more of a challenge. So, for some St Valentine is about a big statement and a possible new beginning in a formalised way such as marriage. For those already together it’s about reaffirming, remembering the why and how and about having fun.

The name “Valentine ” is derived from valens, meaning worthy. Whether you’re starting anew or affirming the old, your story is worthy of celebration and retelling. We’re in the business of helping people tell stories, through photography. If you’re thinking of doing something different this Valentine’s Day, or getting engaged then we’d love to hear from you. Gift vouchers are available for location or studio shoots for couples as a gift for a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband or significant other. And for engaged couples – well, we’ll even refund your shoot if you ask us back on your wedding day.