Preparing for your headshot

It’s worth preparing for your headshot! Although the photographer plays an important role in your headshot, it is an investment on your part and is worth some time in getting ready. This includes such things as your casting types, clothing changes and hair and make-up.

Another good way of preparing for your headshot is to include some examples of things you like. Think of it like arranging a haircut – any preparation and guidance that you can provide will mean a result that is closer to what you had in mind.

Finally, some flexibility is a good thing – allowing room for the shoot to evolve and be both a natural and fun experience.


  • What roles would you like, have got in the past or haven’t got so far?
  • If you’re new to castings, think about your height, skin tones, hair and eye colour and how they might influence the type of work you’re looking for and your overall look.


  • Use what you’ve learnt about your casting thoughts and turn it into a brief.
  • Do you want a natural location or more corporate studio shot?
  • What’s worked or not worked in the past for you? Do you examples of other performers?


  • Consider a range of contrasting colours, shapes, necklines & textures. Nothing to fashion-y.
  • Choose a colour that’s sympathetic to your eye colour to make them stand out.
  • Make-up is a subtle but useful tool – a light base, eye and lip enhancer but nothing heavy.
  • Small changes to hair can affect the shape of your face. For women, natural flowing hair rather than scraped back or sculptured. For men, neat or tousled hair, plus the use of facial hair can make a significant impact to the look. Don’t get it cut the day before the shoot!

Finally, don’t forget the obvious one. In same way that you would prepare for a casting, a good night’s sleep and plenty of water to keep you hydrated will help your overall look on the shoot.