Kent pre-wedding shoot in Canterbury for Karen & Martin

I can’t emphasise enough now enjoyable and important pre-wedding shoots are. They’re a great time to talk with couples about possible shots on the wedding day, get to know each other and discover blink rates, height differences and the faces the photographer pulls behind the camera! In the midst of a full-on wedding it’s great to be able to say calmly “remember when we did the shot of you sitting close in by the steps – let’s do that now”. It’s not to recreate what we shot on the pre-wedding shoot, but it’s a way of picking up from me some short-hand in terms of direction, pose and expression. It relaxes you as a bride and groom giving you confidence, and you’ll have some fabulous informal pictures of the two of you before your big day. Engagement or pre-wedding photography is included as standard when you book me for a wedding in Kent or London – so why not get in touch about your wedding day?