Photography Training Courses in Kent – camera skills, creative workshops, studio, portraits and more.

We’ve got some great courses coming up and after teaming up with Jessops we’ll be offering some special in-store discounts on the equipment used during the courses. We’ve also secured unique permission to run courses around Canterbury Cathedral precincts.


Camera Cafes – short one-hour sessions on location

If you’re thinking of a taster before embarking on a full day course or want to just brush up on your skills then Camera Cafe is for you. Bite sized photography for busy people from just £10.
“It’s not a camera club – it’s camera cafe”.

March 27th | Whitstable | Lighting in a bag more>
April 10th | Faversham | Urban Portraits more>
May 8th Canterbury | Urban Portraits more>

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Camera Skills – Why Drive An Automatic When Manual Is More Fun?

A unique opportunity to not just learn about the camera but put the theory straight into practice for DSLR users from £95.00: • exposure – shutter speed, aperture • depth of field • the effect of lenses • composition • metering and focus points.

April 16th | Canterbury Charlton Park more>
May 29th | Canterbury Cathedral more>
June 19th | Canterbury Cathedral more>
July 31st | Canterbury Cathedral more>

studiologoStudio & Location Lighting

Modifiers; key kit; products & people; lighting on location; high key vs low key; corrective lighting; working with models; controlling your environment; single and multi-light setups;

May 15th | Faversham, Waterham Studios more>
June 12th | Whitstable | 1/2 day location lighting only
July 17th | Whitstable | 1/2 day location lighting only

weddinglogo The Complete Wedding Experience

Photographing a bride at a real venue and practicing in low-light and full light conditions. Shooting your first wedding or needing some additional confidence about the business? Current trends in wedding photography • Planning the day – timings,
equipment, key shots • Bridal preparation • The ceremony • Shooting in low-light

May 22nd | Faversham, Mount Ephraim more>
October 30th | Faversham, Mount Ephraim more>

Boudoir on location and lighting the nude

Dates & locations to follow – please email if interested.