Natural Light Workshop – Photography Training at Canterbury Christchurch

I’ve uploaded some images taken today at one of the photography workshops at Canterbury Christchurch (Jason Dodd and I are guest lecturers on the degree course there). Today we spent some time with the students on natural light shots. The images below are straight out of my 1D2n, 400 ISO mainly F4 or 5.6 at 1/200 or 1/250th. The indoor pictures are 800 iso F4 1/15 or 1/20.

The conditions were grey and overcast and the background “busy” – benches, people, architecture and I wanted to show how you can get a variety of pictures quickly from one location by changing your viewpoint.

F4 is a great working aperture for shallow depth of field and getting both of a subject’s eyes in focus. By looking for plain backgrounds and shooting a little into the light, you can seek out opportunities where you know that a back-lit subject with 1-2 stops difference between it and the model’s face means that when we expose for the face, the background will be vibrant.

For a couple of images I was able to place the model deliberately under a doorway canopy so that the dominant light source is forced into the face, not down from above (which causes what I call “panda” eyes).

The indoor pictures – in absence of a monopod – were on a tripod with the legs closed up, again seeking out a backlit area where the back light was stronger than the side light. This made for a great place – a potentially boring stairwell – to take some shots.

Do get in touch if you’d like to come on a portrait or wedding photography course.



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