Natural light for portraits mixed with reflected light and flash

Big fan though I am of using artificial light on location (usually when the natural light just isn’t there) the last photo training course that took place in Canterbury, Kent, followed the path of natural light first, then reflected, then flash. Here’s some pointers on the images below.

  • 1 – light from the front can be very flat but hair can act as  modelling tool for check bones / jawline. Not every face can pull that off.
  • 2 & 3 – window light from more than one direction creates opportunities for sandwich lighting and creating kickers that pic out features, body shape etc.
  • 4 – photographing against a surface allows for shadow detailing on one side of the face, being careful with colour casts
  • 5 – don’t be afraid to push the highlights to the max with back lighting
  • 6 – windows act just like softboxes in the studio and allow for quick and effective use of highlights and shadows
  • 7 & 8 – when you’re forced to shoot away from a window light, softboxes become your portable window.