Model portfolios – a guide for models and modelling by a Kent portfolio photographer

I was reading a story last week about an expose that the BBC had conducted on dishonest talent scouts, bogus model agencies and photographer scams. This sort of thing still gets me cross. I’ve already a written a guide about this which you can read in full on my website (under the model portfolio section) or by clicking here. The main point of it is that to approach a reputable model agency you do not need a full blown portfolio. I’ll say that again – a good agency will not require a portfolio from you and you shouldn’t need to pay money up front for this. There’s nothing wrong with arranging test shoots and expanding your own portfolio of images, but agencies will assess you as you are, both from your own snaps and from seeing you face to face. It’s the natural no make-up / no posing / no hair styles that will help them evaluate you early on. For more tips for aspiring models in Kent, please see the guide!

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