Location Lighting | NHS | Herne Bay Football Club

NHSHerneBayFC-001Ok, so anything after 4.30pm at the moment is going to require lighting of some sort. This was a cover and spread for an NHS publication about overcoming depression / beating the blues and the location was a football club in Kent with a blue kit strip. It was 7pm, cold, the players were in training for a big match on Saturday and there was a limited amount of time. Magazine and editorial work always requires one eye on a strong image but also empty space for text and smaller images as montages or insets. I had two Canon 580EX speedlights, stands and Pocketwizards for the goal area shots and then went for ST-E2 and a single hand held low down for the other shots. The floodlight group shot had a speedlite behind the players to make the floodlight “travel” a lot further than it really was, and create some nice shadows. ISO 100/200 for high contrast images (f5.6-8 at about 1/80-1/125) and ISO 800 f4.0 1/30 for the remainder).