Location Flash Part 1 – When the sun won’t shine and it’s -3 degrees

Whitstable harbour; 9.00am; -3 wind chill; absence of sunlight; descending mist; 45 minute shooting time. The first time in my life that my fingers got so cold that I couldn’t press the shutter button.

Option 1 – fake sunlight with strong backlight from Speedlite 580EX at full power, Stofen diffuser, shooting into the light to create a bit of flare; second Speedlite 580EX at 1/2 power through a softbox. Pockewizards. 100-200 ISO, f5.6-F8 @ 1/60 – 1/80. Ambient something like ISO 400 F8 @ 1/60 deteriorating in sheltered areas to ISO 800 F4.0 1/125.

Option 2 – natural light only. ISO 800 using overhang to push light into subject’s eyes from the front.