Location Family Portraits | Lifestyle photo shoot | Canterbury Kent

If you’re interested in booking me for a location family photography session in Faversham, Canterbury or Whitstable please go to timstubbings.co.uk, or for technical comment, please read on! Winter equals low light and shorter hours of available light. It does however create opportunities to continue shooting outdoors. A break in the weather for an hour (ok, there was a bit of drizzle) allowed me to take these family shots of children. The nice people at Canon UK had provided loan kit as my 1D2n was having a new circuit board and mirror assembly fitted, whilst the 70-200L was having a new motor fitted! Outside was about ISO 500 whereas under cover it was cranked higher with a monopod when using the zoom, slightly wider apertures than I would normally like (I like F4). I loved the quality of the light inside the shed – very low but the diffused window acting as a giant softbox. Cloudy skies means great skin tones but absence of direction light – so towards the end of the hour we used off-camera flash, high shutter speeds to kill the ambient and mixing white balance with gels.