Kent Weddings – a big day for fathers too

Kent Weddings are a big day for fathers too. We’re not necessarily talking about the financial implications here but rather the quiet and solid contribution that I’ve seen fathers make in the 150+ weddings I’ve photographed. They’re the unsung heroes. The calming influence during the bridal preparations at the house. The dependable clock-watcher in getting to the church on time. The shoulder to lean on and the reassurance in the entrance procession down the aisle. The dignified handing over and the squeeze of the bride’s hand. The nod to the vicar and the smile to the groom. The speech. The big speech that has to knit together generations, rivalries, childhoods, siblings, college friends and new faces. The speech that sums up a lifetime whilst opening a new chapter.  Wedding days are big for fathers too. If you’d like to ask about your wedding photography do please get in touch and why not like us on Facebook?

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