“Something that you enjoy for a long time / that continues to grow in value over time.”  (“Investment” – definition)

Being transparent about wedding prices and photography costs is really important to me. I know that I’m not the cheapest of the Kent wedding photographers, probably around the middle somewhere in terms of price. Because of the style of the pictures I take, my experience and my commitment to providing a high quality service, there is a minimum I can charge for that. There really is an investment on both sides and you deserve value for money.

From my side I also put a lot into each wedding. Prior to the wedding there is the research and the meetings; after the wedding there is the processing of the digital files, the preparation for your previewing, album page layouts and dealing with the lab regarding your orders. And on the day itself – I’ll be doing a thoroughly professional job.

There are just two things to pay for – the amount of photography that you would like on the day and how you would like to view and cherish the pictures afterwards (in an album, book, frames etc.).  Packages start from £1,450 but for mid-week and smaller weddings it can vary so please ask about this.

Albums & books

The main type album we use contains real photographic prints, sealed onto thick mounted pages. When you add a designer or leather cover they make a perfect wedding album. These are called flush mounted albums. There’s a choice of colours and sizes but you should see how good the square shape looks. They’re hand-stitched too.

There are also premium grade pre-matted bound albums. They’re a contemporary take on the traditional album. Digitally printed / press printed books are available as parent book copies of your main album. You really need to see them in your hands have a look yourselves.

Why Albums & Books are so important

There was a time when digital first took off when the novelty of the new medium meant that we stopped printing things off and got used to seeing things on a computer screen and a digital photo frames.

However, we’re now all rediscovering printed photos. Proper prints, not home printed. Good quality, lab prints that are publication quality. There’s nothing quite like the detail, colour and richness of a properly constructed album and some things are just best viewed big.