Family photoshoots on the beach in Kent

Kent beach photographers

Family photoshoots on the beach in Kent (as it’s where I’m based) – continue to be popular. It’s not just children that have a soft spot for the seaside – the feeling of the sand under our feet or the water cooling our legs is therapeutic for adults too. So what does a beach shoot involve and what can you expect from it?

I’ve been fortunate enough to watch my children grow up in Whitstable and have the privilege to photograph many families there. The beach can be a very open place with little or no cover, so typically a shoot would look like this:

  • it lasts no more than an hour and usually most of the best pictures are taken in the first 30 minutes. This is because the excitement and energy levels with children tend to be front-loaded and can fall away rapidly
  • first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon – I can start at 7am if your children have been up since 6am! Not only is it cooler at the start and the end of the day but the sun hasn’t yet climbed to the high point of the day. Beaches will also be less crowded at either end of the day and you’ll have a bit more privacy
  • base yourself not too far away from a beach hut / sea wall / jetty / groynes – anything that can provide just a hint of shade if required
  • Hats, suncream and change of socks / footwear (this applies to me too)
  • water, water, water. have I said about bringing water yet?

If you would like to have an informal chat about a beach shoot do please get in touch or have a look at some of my other location portraits / lifestyle photoshoots in Kent, London and other parts of the UK.

Kent family photographersKent family photographersCanterbury family photographersWhitstable family photographersKent family photographersFamily photoshoots on the beach in KentFamily photoshoots on the beach in Kent