Family photoshoot and portraits of children on location in Kent

Well, a long awaited shoot with a lovely family from Kent in the woodland and gardens of a country house. The unpredictable  weather we have can mean that outdoor location shoots might need rescheduling (how I envy the photographers in California that blog about their location shoots!) but when you have an idea in mind, it’s worth waiting for the right opportunity.

Shooting portraits on location – sometimes called lifestyle portraits or environmental portraits – is a valuable alternative to a studio session, and although there is less use of flash, it’s still all about looking for what the light is doing and anticipating how people will look in relation to it.  You also need to be quick (both on your feet and in your picture taking) where small people are involved. If you’d like to get in touch about a location shoot for the autumn or before the summer is over (or starts) it would be great to hear from you.