Camera Skills Workshop : Photography training : Iffin House, Canterbury 21st March


Join us for a full day of small group tuition in the beautiful surroundings of Iffin House, Canterbury.

The course will help you to understand your camera functions and the basic building blocks of photography. We will use plenty of practical exercises so that you can the camera’s menu systems to help you achieve better photographs. You will also be photographing outdoor portraiture using a model.

Full Day – 15 places maximum, £145.00

Overview: This is a unique opportunity to spend time not just learning about the camera but putting the theory straight into practice. It’s a great way of not being afraid to master your camera to free you to take more creative pictures.

• the nature and behaviour of light
• how light is captured
• exposure – shutter speed, aperture
• depth of field
• the effect of lenses
• responding to light – composition
• using technique to order your environment – metering and focus points
• Fill-in light

You will require a digital SLR* with manual as well as automatic controls. *An SLR is not a point and shoot camera – it has the ability to take different lenses and accessories. Please ask if you are unsure.