Camera skills training course – Canterbury


I ran a short residential course recently in Canterbury, Kent for owners of compact or basic function cameras that wanted to improve their camera skills in composition and technical understanding. I had to limit myself to both an old Canon S70 point and shoot and an equally old Canon 20D with a Tokina 28-70 lens (the point being that for under £100.00 you could be up and running). I will always find the restrictions of the point and shoot cameras frustrating – the lag between the focus time and the problems with image quality -but I was determined to get what I could out of the under £100 DSLR combination. The images below were mainly ISO 800 in very low light, aperture at 2.8 and a shutter speed of  between 1/50 and 1/60. Low light can create beautiful, soft cushioning to the human face.  The final picture of Canterbury Cathedral was taken on the point-and-shoot S70, a timed exposure at F8.

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