Bishopsbourne and Bridge wedding photographer in Canterbury, Kent

My style of wedding photography is documentary with some signature creative portraits (please have a look at or search the blog for more examples). The start of the heatwave in July included a ceremony near Canterbury at Bishopsbourne with a reception in Bridge. Photographers, including those that shoot weddings can be guilty of not liking it when it’s sunny. The reason you see a lot of my pictures taken in a part shaded area or with then sun behind is that direct sunlight can be vary harsh and  makes us screw up our eyes. Plus, beautiful though you are, the sun will still make your skin shiny.  I was their Bishopsbourne and Bridge wedding photographer –  for the couple’s ceremony in Brazil see Juliano Godoi’s lovely images.  If you’re planning your wedding and looking for a skilled and experienced wedding photographer in Canterbury or the surrounding area, give me a call.