Beside The Seaside – wedding photography in Herne Bay

Tim_Laura_130412-222Here’s an April 2012 wedding that had  a reception in Herne Bay at the King’s Hall. There’s some technical stuff to follow, but for those of you looking to book a wedding photographer do please get in touch for an obligation-free chat. You can find out more about me from my Ask The Expert features in Your Kent Wedding magazine or from searching the blog under the wedding category. I shoot weddings all over the UK but mainly in Kent (Canterbury, Whitstable, Faversham), and London.

The following notes are for the pictures that follow and describe the lighting and camera settings. Standard small wedding kit = 1D & 5D bodies, 70-200L, 24-105L, 17-40L, 2 x 580EXII, light stands, Pocketwizards and no assistant! (actually the bride did hold a flash off camera for her shoe shot…)

1.  Flash camera right to lift the contrast as I was in a area with flat lighting. ISo 100 @ 6.3 1/200.

2. Backlit window = fill flash bounced at 45 degrees off wall behind camera, -2/3 comp, ISO 800@ f/8 1/125

3. Dress detail, natural light backlit underexposed a fraction, ISO 800 5.6 @ 1/125

4. Very tight space ( pressed against an ensuite shower!) so window light and reflector camera left ISO 500 5.6 @ 1/200

5. Only space outside so used light bouncing off wall. no flash ISo 100 5.6@1/160

6. Reflection off wall to groom but tiny bit of fill flash – guessing ISO 200, F8 @ 1/125

7. Sun too harsh so groups in the shade (sun becomes backlight), fill flash to front – probably ISO 200, 6.3 @ 1/125

8./9/10 – Off camera flash left and right with underexposed ambient. No modifiers as full power required. ISO 100, f13

11./12/13 – reflection off paving is always useful and with a low sun you can pay with the exposures a bit – ISo 250, 6.3 @ 1/200

14. Less is more with flash, at 1/2 a stop under and could have gone lower. ISo 1000, f4 @ 1/40 off camera

15. If the light isn’t there. make it! Off camera, low, manual at 1/4 power ISo 800 f4 @ 1/60