Baby knows best (about photography that is )


Newborn babies and baby photography. I’ve got nothing against photographing babies and newborns in the studio. It’s just that I’ve got this theory that comes in three parts. The first is that newborns are incredibly sensitive to sounds and smells and so the home environment is the best place to be. Second is that it’s at home that those precious moments of parenthood – normally whilst feeling a mixture of intense fatigue and joy – really unfold and that telling that story is where photography can be very powerful.  Third, and perhaps most important, travelling to a studio involves packing the car with all sort of kit when at staying at home seems so much easier.

The examples below are taken in homes where I used just one light to fill in shadows from pre-exisiting window and ambient light. I don’t carry any props, preferring to work with whatever I find at the home. Before I start going on about technical stuff, if you’re a mum, dad or grandparent and would like to talk about having photography at home (or the studio if you would prefer) do please get in touch. Canterbury, Faversham, Whitstable and other parts of Kent are fine.

Technical stuff – shallow depth of field (mostly), f2.0-4.0 with a fixed 50mm lens on a Canon 1dIII, occasional 70-200mmL and the rest on the 24-105L on a 5D. Small Lastolite softbox to mimck window light when windows not present, Canon 580EXII triggered by a Pockewizard. Manual meeting. I tend to set my light and then move it in and out rather than dialling up/down the power, or I’ll use the camera’s aperture to do the same job.