A people photographer


I’m slightly unusual in that although I have a long experience of creating portraits for families, most of my work always has been and continues to be published work that has appeared in books, magazines, newspapers, TV and for a host of companies. So if you Google me don’t be surprised if I turn up in a variety of places as a Kent-based commercial photographer (timstubbings.com).


So, with most of my work being of people, I like to bring that experience into my portrait photography, underpinned by a professional qualification-based membership status under the British Institute of Professional Photography.


A love of black & white

classic - timeless - special.

Whilst I don't miss film, it's where I started and I mostly was shooting in black and white.


Thinking and working in black and white (sometimes called monochrome) produces some truly stunning results, and it's always exciting to see the reaction from customers when they see their pictures for the first time.